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 Circus Fun Day

Ever remember that magical excitement when circus is in town? :did you ever want to run away with the Circus?

 We are offering insight to how that would of been in our fun and never boring world of circus skills, with our variating workshops and fun day packages.

POP UP-Circus fun day activities.

You provide the space -we bring all the fun.

Circus Skills workshops are increasingly popular and gives guests a fun activity that all the family can do together.

 POP UP freeplay workshop, where equipment is displayed for people to have a go with what they like.

With a helping hand of circus performer.

Structured workshop will involve certain time for each skill, allowing more time for introduction and techniques of getting started ,weather its juggling or spinning plates and off-course returning to your favourite of all skills for a go at end of session.

Kids Birthday Parties

A Circus Party provides plenty of hands on fun keeping little ones entertained! There will be introduction showing off tricks and a how to guide for all begginers. The birthday girl or boy can be a special helper with equipment , then every body gets time to have a go themselves, with the help of circus trainer. It’s always fun when the adults join in too!

Circus parties do take up plenty of space with equipment flying all over the place followed by children chasing after it .Best suited in large space.

After a play theres a wrap up with comedy juggling show,thats interactive,funny and engaging with all participants .

Party hosts will be dressed smartly and fun ,but leaving clown noses at home,not to scare anyone.

Additionally we can suit the theme of party ,but thats uppon a personal request .

  • Suitable for boys and girls aged 4-400

  • Duration – can be arranged by an individual booking

  • Party groups up to 30 children.

  • we are DBS checked and have full public liability insurance

Chasing Bubbles

Bubbleologists are available for a whole host of bubble fun! By hiring a double bubble trouble for your event, you’ll be amazed with a  visual display that bubbles can bring. Bubbles are a great way to wow your guests big or small.  We can make amazing bubbles of all different sizes – from the most gigantic bubbles you have ever seen, to a cluster of small harder to chase down and pop bubbles.

If you are looking for truly unique, fun and engaging entertainment then BUBBLES are a perfect choice weather its festival, funfair ,party or even wedding forget about confetti ,be showered in bubbles instead .Bubbles,bubbles,bubbles

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