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Fire extravaganza

What better way to warm up your night, with effective and mesmerising fire act thats going to amaze young and old, by  spins, twirls and warm light blooms that will bring extra wow effect to your party.We can suit theme with alterable choreography and music.

What we offer

Our exiting pop up fire show packages include:

Fire Juggling, combined with Beautiful choreographed flow arts - partner poi spinning, taming fire, performing complicated tricks, exiting fire dance.

We also feature martial arts discipline ,performed with the technique of ancient Shaolin Monks- Rope dart.

Fire breathing and eating ,hence our tolerance to
spicy food
all put together adding comedy and danger elements that wow all spectators.

Weddings, Festivals and other special   occasions

With great consideration ,of special event we organise  unique activity for wedding party sunset hour that can be included in wedding programme as a great spectacle ,based on Baltic wedding fire ritual ,that involves team building for New Couple and entertainment for your guests ,laughs ,surprises, love and lots of well wishes ,all guests get to participate and  be a part of true magic that will make night really memorable and special for all.

Ceremony can be altered and performed at christenings and other special occasions ,bringing that extra touch to a perfect memorable day .Please inquire with any questions and arrangements that can suit you.

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